Why the construction industry can no longer rely on sand

There is little that there is as much as the proverbial sand by the sea. In the meantime it has become so scarce that it is mined under life-threatening circumstances and traded illegally. In this blog post you can read why the construction industry has to find alternatives to this raw material as quickly as possible.

In ancient times, attempts were made to make infinity tangible by the number of grains of sand. At that time it was thought that there were not enough numbers to be able to grasp this unimaginable quantity. In his writing “Sand Calculator” Archimedes tries to prove that the number of grains of sand in the universe can be measured. Today we know: No matter how high this number is, it is definitely too small to satisfy the modern world’s hunger for this seemingly inexhaustible resource. Sand lies on beaches, on the seabed and in the desert in masses. However, the material needs tens of thousands of years to “regrow”. This is because tiny granules are created by erosion – and this process takes time.

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