SmartCrusher – Recycles concrete sustainably

The name says it all – SmartCrusher is a clever innovation for the construction industry. It does not only break down disused concrete, it separates its constituents into sand and stone, producing high quality raw materials to be reused in new concrete. Dutch innovators Koos Schenk and Alef Schippers created the machine together with the Rutte Group to enable effective, concrete recycling, while reducing CO2 emissions at the same time.


The challenge is to break it down into reusable raw materials. Up to now concrete crushing machines have only been able to grind all raw materials together limiting the possibilities for its reuse. These crushed pieces of concrete can only replace the pebbles in new concrete, but this does nothing to reduce CO2 emissions during the production process. SmartCrusher separates the unused cement stone from the concrete rubble during the crushing process.
As the cement stone does not need to be remade, it can therefore be directly reused – CO2-freely – in the production of new concrete. The sand and pebbles which are left over can also be reused. Innovator Schenk says the quality of these materials is actually better.

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