Is it time to ReSOLVE the built environment?

Government Europa discusses the ReSOLVE framework and making the built environment circular with Carol Lemmens, director of Arup

The situation of the European built environment is that of a complex nature, particularly when we are discussing the sustainability of European infrastructure and construction. The engineering and construction industry is the world’s largest consumer of materials, making it one of the most important sectors to tackle, and to successfully drive a reduction in resource use, waste and carbon. Government Europa speaks to Carol Lemmens, Global Advisory Services leader and director of Arup – one of Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s knowledge partners – about how we can make the circular economy a reality across the built environment.

The revolutionary framework aiding change within industries
The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is one of the biggest global leaders working towards accelerating the world’s transition to a circular economy. In the successful presentation of this aim, the circular economy experts of the foundation promote the ReSOLVE framework, which sets out six actions that businesses – and countries – can incorporate into their current models for the enablement of a smooth transition towards a circular economy, these are:


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