Innovative concrete to transform urban environments

A team from the University of Dundee say they are able to replicate colours within cement pastes and concretes in a move that could transform the look of urban environments and landmarks.

Using toner powder recovered from old printer cartridges, a team from the University’s School of Science and Engineering say they are able to replicate colours within cement pastes and concretes.

Dr Moray Newlands said: “Toner powder is incredibly fine, but cannot be recycled into new cartridges as it becomes contaminated and changes size once it is involved in the printing process.

“Around 10% of toner remains in a cartridge at the end of its life, so we’ve been looking at ways in which we can utilise it and prevent it being sent to landfill.”

Mixing cyan, yellow, magenta and black recovered toner powder (RTP), researchers found that it was possible to produce a range of colours within concrete and cement without affecting the integrity of the finished substance.

Tests revealed the coloured products to be resilient in both dry and wet environments, while the colouring also proved resistant to ultraviolet light, allowing it to retain its hue over time.

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