Benefits of Modular Construction: It’s Like Big Legos

Modular construction is having its own Renaissance right now—shedding the stigma of “prefab,” “manufactured homes,” or (horror of all horrors) the old “double-wide trailer.” High-end homes, apartment complexes, and even high-rise hospitals are going modular.

In this age of automation, the traditional model of constructing homes and buildings—where materials arrive at the project site and are cut and erected by skilled specialists—is being more closely examined due to the waste, complex timelines, and inefficiencies inherent on a jobsite. Instead, many successful projects are taking an automated assembly-line approach that’s different from the manufactured homes and buildings of the past. Manufacturing is in a factory setting, with on-site work akin to snapping building components into place, not unlike the ever-popular Lego building blocks. And the benefits of modular construction are telling.

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Originally published on May 3rd, 2018 at Redshift by Autodesk

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