Anticipating in construction for reversible and sustainable buildings

This is an entirely new approach to construction, a more ethical and sustainable one. It involves predicting changes in usage, and the reversibility of a building after construction The aim is to be able to change the building’s purpose easily to accompany changes in lifestyle and in the regions themselves.

What do the Black Swans towers, designed by the architect Anne Demians on the site of the Malraux peninsula in Strasbourg, the reconstruction of the Péan residence for immigrants, Philippon – Kalt Architectes, boulevard Massena, Paris 13th arrondissement and the planned office building WORK#1 by David Chipperfield Architects (U.K.), which is to be built in Lyon Confluence, along the A6 A7 urban motorway have in common? The answer can be summed up in a single word: reversibility. The leitmotiv is that any building built today should be able to adapt easily and without any major conversion work to the new uses of tomorrow.

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