What is construction ecology?

Construction Ecology is a subfield of the rapidly growing field of Industrial Ecology wich focus on the construction and building materials industry.

The Journal of Industrial Ecology describes Industrial Ecology as “a field that systematically examines local, regional and global materials and energy uses and flows in products, processes, industrial sectors and economies. It focuses on the potential role of industry in reducing environmental burdens throughout the product life cycle from the extraction of raw materials, to the production of goods, to the use of those goods and to the management of the resulting wastes.(…) Industrial ecology sees corporate entities as key players in the protection of the environment, particularly where technological innovation is an avenue for environmental improvement. As repositories of technological expertise in our society, corporations provide crucial leverage in attacking environmental problems through product and process design.”

This Blog is dedicated to bring you relevant news and information about ecology and sustainability in the field of the construction and building materials industry

About Me

I’m a building materials engineer with professional skills in testing and evaluation of building materials, construction elements and engineering structures, coupled with practical management experience.

In my current position as a research assistant and doctoral student at the university of applied sciences (HSR), I’m dealing with circular economy in the construction industry.

In our project, an interdisciplinary team of economists, engineers and modellers are examining how economic change (driven by business strategies) and changes in legal and political framework conditions (driven by public policies) can be coordinated more effectively.

For this purpose we are using a system-dynamic model to analyse the effectiveness of policies in combination with a material-flow model to assess resource efficiency and environmental impacts. We are working closely together with companies in the construction industry and representatives of authorities and associations.

For more information to me, please visit my LinkedIn-Page. For more infos about our project, please visit our project-site. Otherwise, freel free to contact me via the contact-form.